Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ARUGH! A Pirate's Life for ME!

o.k. I am sure you are all thinking i have lost my mind with the title of this blog, but alas I have not (at least not yet!)

Here is the story in a round about way!

A few weeks ago my husbands Great Aunt passed away. She was 93. She was a wonderful lady whom served the Lord all of the days of her life. She was saved when she was 5 years old. I had known her for my enitre life as I went to the same church as she did as a young child. She watched me as a baby in the church nursery, I was one of her bible quizzing students when I was about 11 years old, then I went and married her sister's husband's great grand-son. So she became family. The one thing I remember the most about Aunt Lela was her smile and her laugh, she always seemed to be happy. I can still picture it today even though she is gone and I had not seen her in over 15 years. She will be dearly missed, but we all know she is most happy now with Jesus.

Well at her visitation and funeral we saw both friends and family, some of which we had not seen in 15 years. All of them asked about our family, the kids and wanted to see pictures. The bad mom I am, I had none with me. So I made it a point to print some up and keep with me at all times for just such an event. I also uploaded a bunch to my facebook for my family and friends to see. I discovered that many of the people I had lost touch with were on Facebook, so I now talk to them and see them through that.

Well as I was going through the pictures I came across one of my youngest son, Michael who is almost 11. He is the baby and well he is a tiny little peanut. He wears a size 7, he is in third grade and about the size of an average 1st grader. He is obessed with Pirates, and wanted to be one for Halloween last year. I came across a cute costume, added a bit of accent pieces and well this is what he looked like. I remember this day so well. He came home from school and wanted to play outside in his costume. He did not know I was watching him,and taking pictures (eventually he figured it out) and it was so cute to see him "fight" the other pirates. The two of us love to sit on the couch and "snuggle" and watch Pirates-3-I love Jonny Depp as an actor and well he just loves the whole thing. So today that it was I decided to blog about-A Pirate's Life for Me!




  1. What a beautiful post Christy! Your son is a doll!!! What a cutie pie :) Thank you so much for sharing these adorable pics!
    I hope you all have a beautiful Easter :)

  2. Thanks Amy! To you and your family too!
    I will get pics posted of me and the rest of my clan too. It is always nice when you can put a face to the people :)