Monday, July 20, 2009

Train Fest 2009

So I live in this rural little community in the center of Michigan. Nothing much ever happens here, it really it an idealic life of lazy summer days, combine's in the fields, and the highlight of summer, the county fair.

Well all that is about to change. Starting July 23-25 Train Fest is coming! It is susposed to bring in over 30,000 people to our county. That a lot!!

So I have been a busy beaver creating shabby cottage goodies, Faux pastries, collecting antiques etc. The reason? Because I am going to have a booth at the FLea Market. For all those ladies who have come along to please their hubby's I have just what you are looking for. Treasures!!! I am posting a few pictures to give you a sample of what you will find in my booth.

I will be located at the Shiawassee County Fairgrounds in the two big barns up front. Come on down and say HI!

If you say you saw this blog you will save 10% on any purchase!

Have a Great Week!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jolie`aux Rose


I just love pink! Pink is go girlie, pretty,feminine, sweet, and shabby!

"Pretty in Pink"-not the movie with Molly Ringwald, but the name of this blog submission, in French-it adds well.................a romantic sound to "Pretty in Pink"!

I had this old train case I found in one of my travels, I painted it pink and then it sat on the shelf for litterally over a year. I came across it yesterday while cleaning my craft room, which had become completley over run with sugary, yummy crafty goodness :)

I had so many "extra" bits and bobs and goodies that I thought why not fill it to the brim with treasures and offer it for sale. So I hunted, and moved, and searched for just the right thingsto put inside it and now it weighs 8 POIUNDS-yep, 8 pounds full of yumminess!

I love it and would be so happy to get it if I was after that kind of thing right now, but I am not so I offer it up. The reason I wanted to share it here is because I just love how it looks filled. IN my spare time I take photographs (mostly of people) but every once in a while something catches my eye as "eye candy" or eye pleasing and this sure did! I did not use my professional camera on this, just my point and shoot digital I use for my pictures, but still it gives you the idea of how pretty this is. I think just as is would make a great display piece in a home.
Anyway, that is what I share with you today. a Jolie`aux Rose Train case filled with treasures!

Have a GREAT week!