Saturday, January 24, 2009

!!??!!??!!??!!??!!About Me!!??!!??!!??!!??

So the other day I was on a blog by Annaliese of Sugar*Sugar and she had a page dedicated to telling others about her. 100 things to be exact. I thought it was cool, because you really got to know more about her. So I thought for those of you who may want to know here are few things about me (we will see if I can come up with 100 of them)
1. I love pink
2. I love aqua
3. I love my kidos
4. I am a pre-school teacher
5. I have been married to the same sweet man for 18 years (almost 19)
6. I have lived in Michigan my entire life
7. It is much to cold here and I do not like the cold
8. I hate snakes
9. I love roses (both baby pink and yellow)
10. I love bunnies
11. I live on a small hobby farm
12. I love second hand stores
13. I do not have a best friend ( I have lots and lots of very good friends)
14. I have four children
15. I have one brother (younger)
16. I have no sisters
17. I do not go by my first name (never have)
18. I do go by my middle name (Christine**Christy**)
19. I graduated in 1989
20. I attended Flushing High School
21. I enjoy going on vacation to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes
22. I ride a quad.
23. I try to walk 3 miles a day in the warm months.
24. I lost 20 pounds last year.
25. My goal is to loose 20 more this year.
26. I love cupcakes (but not to eat)
27. My favorite resturant is Outback Steak House
28. I have never gotten anything off the menu but Alice Springs Chicken
29. I paint
30. I sew
31. I am a Christian
32. I do not know how to crochet
33. I do not know how to knit
34. I work with Raddie, Hattie and have a daughter named Maddie
35. I live in a pink house
36. I live in a 110 year old farmhouse
37. The last time I was at Disney was 1989
38. I have visited over 15 states
39. My favorite state visit was Kansas or Rhode Island
40. I crave chocolate chip cookies
41. I love all things vintage
42. I have three kitties-Peaches-Cali-Mertag
43. I have no dogs
44. I do not like the smell of Spring
45. Fall is my favoite Season
46. I have an Antique booth in Durand, MI
47. I go to Easte Sales every chance I get
48. Auctions too!
49. I need at least 9 hours of sleep a night
50. I enjoy swimming

Well that is enough for now~
Talk Soon,

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cupcake Anyone?


Just wanted to let everyone know I have not frozen to death (YET!)

I have been busy as a bee creating new treasures for my Etsy shop and Lollishop.

You can find these newest treasures at

The picture features my first wreath of the Season (even though the Season is not here yet :) )

It is a sweet cupcake wreath with handpainted cupcakes in soft pastel shades. Now working on a "Tea and Crumpets" wreath.

Enjoy Today!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Living in a Winter Wonderland


Yes folks it sure is cold here in the Winter Wonderland of MIchigan. They cancelled school today because the temps were so cold! With the wind chill we were at negative 25. Even us Michiganders who may love the winter, do not like it when it is this cold out. However, when always trying to find a bright spot in everything, it sure can be beautiful. I have taken a picture from my front porch for you all to see. It was taken eailer this week and it was so beautiful, all white, quite and pristine looking. It is on mornings like this when you know God is close to you. He is showing you His beauty, it is up to us to stop, realize this and take it in and reflect.

So I leave you with this beautiful picture, God's handiwork, not Mother Nature's.

Till next time,


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lollishops Special Event and...
Please visit Miss Sadie Lou's Blog to get more info~You can win prizes~
You can also find me on Lollishops at

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to my REAL JOB

Oh man, today I had to go back to my "real job" don't get me wrong I love my "real job", but I would MUCH rather stay home and craft, and shop, and go to auctions, and estate sales, and second had stores you get the idea.

My goal (not New Year's Resolution-those I never keep) for this year is to get a following of "peeps" on my blog and on Etsy and Lollishops so that maybe I CAN stay home all the time and do the things I love. I really don't just want customers I want friends! You know one can never have to many friends, sort of like Pooh Bear and "one can never have to many pots of honey." I get the summers off, so that is nice, I love being able to stay home with my kiddo's! So I count down the days till I can have my next few days off. When I am at work I give the kids all I have, it is my job. The picture I posted tonight is that from one of my paper doll books, I just love this pic. It reminds me that ALL children are precious gifts from God, and that we are to love them, care for them, teach them, and support and guide them to the best of our abilities.

Yeah, I know this blog is all over for topics tonight, but I just needed to sit down at the computer and ever just feel that way? For me to type (even when I spell words wrong) is very theraputic for me.

Thanks for reading and listening tonight,


Saturday, January 3, 2009

I love Bunnies!

I admit I have loved bunnies for as long as I can remember. I am sure it stemed from my trip to the county fair when I was 9. While at the fair, we did all the fair things, we rode the rides, ate the totally tastey fair foods, looked at all of the exhibits and then all of the animals. I remember they had free bunnies at the fair (to this day I have never seen free bunnies at a fair-at least not ones you can take home the day you visit), and I begged my mom and dad to get one. Mom said "no". So I begged my daddy. ( I was daddy's only girl) he said "maybe". We continued to tour the fairgrounds with me asking, every once in a while could I get one. Well, after much begging/bugging I finally won and we went back to get one. They only had two left, a white one and a brown one. I held both, looked them over good, and was trying to make up my mind when another child came up to pick one out, I rapidly made my choice, the brown one. He was put in a cardboard box and off we went back home. I was so excited because we did not have a cage for him, so he got to live in my room in the box until daddy could build him a cage. We lived in an old farmhouse at the time and I had a walk in closet, well it was so large that I used to play in it and that is where all of my toys were. I put his box in the closet and went to bed (after playing with him for a very long time) when my mom and dad had gone to bed for the night, I got up and put the bunny in bed with me! He was the best bunny ever and he slept with me all night long. This bunny (whom was a boy) ended up being named "Thumper" (I know real original). Thumper lived with me in my room for about a week then we had to move him outside to his cage. He lived for 6 years and he was the best pet I ever had (next to my kitties-another story another day).
Well, many years later when my own daughter was 2 and a half we took her to the county fair for the first time-can you guess what she fell in love with-yep! the bunnies. She asked if she could have one, we told her "no". Every year for the next three years we would visit the fair and she would want to see the bunnies. She would always ask the same question, "can I have one?" When she was 6 we finally said yes, and she got a brown netherland dwarf she named "snuggles". I sware to you it was my rabbit reincarnated. He looked the same, he was the same size, he had the same personality etc. He was the BEST rabbit ever! This rabbit was put through the ringer. She would dress him in doll clothes, carry him like a rag doll, and he never once complained. We had our "snug-bug" for 9 years.
This is not the end of the story...........I will continue tomarrow.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Treasure I Found Today-Time with my Dad

So I called my Dad up last night and asked him did he want to go to the "junk" stores with me today. He said "sure."

So we went to them, had lunch, went to a Doc appt. for him then decided to hit a few antique stores as well. I did pick up a few things along the way, and got to spend time with my daddy, which is always nice. WEll, I just has to show a pick of what I found, this vintage pink bottle brush tree that sits in a pink flocked santa boot. I decorated the base for accent with the glass balls in pink and aqua (my two favorite colors!)

WOW! Love it! So Pretty!

Till next time,


Thursday, January 1, 2009

A few of my favorite things-May take a minute to load but worth it!

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A New Year for New Treasures

o.k. I admit to it, I have been obsessed lately with crafting. It must of been pent up and need to come out. I seem to be stuck on Easter crafts too. I have made a few Valentine things, which are coming to Etsy (, but mostly candy items and Easter items. I have loved creating these things and I am finding great pleasure in doing so. I hope you all like what you see.

I thought perhaps today I would tell you a bit more about myself. I am a 39 year old mother of four children, Maddie is 17, has a serious boyfriend named Jake (whom we adore) and she will be graduating this Spring. Caleb is 14 and a freshman. Abbie is 11 and in the 6th grade and has a voice like and angel when she sings (we have no idea where she got that talent) and our baby bear Michael who is 9. I am a wife to a fantastic man named Doug, and we have proudly been married for 19 years (20 in October this year). I am a sister to my brother Mike, and a daughter to my great parents. My mother was diagnosed with Uterine cancer in April of 2006. This for most women is a very curable cancer if it has not spread, sadly my mom's had spread and she had to undergo radiation and chemo. When she reaches the 5 year mark she will be considered cured. We keep our fingers crossed, only 1.5 years to go. I am a pre-school teacher and have 18 4-year olds, I LOVE my job! The kids are great, sure they challenge me some days, but that is what keeps my job new everyday, I never know what to expect. I may get a hug that warms my heart or get thrown-up on (not fun!)

Well, I must say last night while watching the ball drop, I really had thoughts that this year is going to be a great year for myself and my family. I guess time will tell.

I do hope all of you as well have a great 2009 with love, happiness, sucess, and FUN! Because really, what kind of like do we have if it has no fun?

Talk Soon,