Saturday, January 3, 2009

I love Bunnies!

I admit I have loved bunnies for as long as I can remember. I am sure it stemed from my trip to the county fair when I was 9. While at the fair, we did all the fair things, we rode the rides, ate the totally tastey fair foods, looked at all of the exhibits and then all of the animals. I remember they had free bunnies at the fair (to this day I have never seen free bunnies at a fair-at least not ones you can take home the day you visit), and I begged my mom and dad to get one. Mom said "no". So I begged my daddy. ( I was daddy's only girl) he said "maybe". We continued to tour the fairgrounds with me asking, every once in a while could I get one. Well, after much begging/bugging I finally won and we went back to get one. They only had two left, a white one and a brown one. I held both, looked them over good, and was trying to make up my mind when another child came up to pick one out, I rapidly made my choice, the brown one. He was put in a cardboard box and off we went back home. I was so excited because we did not have a cage for him, so he got to live in my room in the box until daddy could build him a cage. We lived in an old farmhouse at the time and I had a walk in closet, well it was so large that I used to play in it and that is where all of my toys were. I put his box in the closet and went to bed (after playing with him for a very long time) when my mom and dad had gone to bed for the night, I got up and put the bunny in bed with me! He was the best bunny ever and he slept with me all night long. This bunny (whom was a boy) ended up being named "Thumper" (I know real original). Thumper lived with me in my room for about a week then we had to move him outside to his cage. He lived for 6 years and he was the best pet I ever had (next to my kitties-another story another day).
Well, many years later when my own daughter was 2 and a half we took her to the county fair for the first time-can you guess what she fell in love with-yep! the bunnies. She asked if she could have one, we told her "no". Every year for the next three years we would visit the fair and she would want to see the bunnies. She would always ask the same question, "can I have one?" When she was 6 we finally said yes, and she got a brown netherland dwarf she named "snuggles". I sware to you it was my rabbit reincarnated. He looked the same, he was the same size, he had the same personality etc. He was the BEST rabbit ever! This rabbit was put through the ringer. She would dress him in doll clothes, carry him like a rag doll, and he never once complained. We had our "snug-bug" for 9 years.
This is not the end of the story...........I will continue tomarrow.


  1. I LOVE bunnies too Christy! Hense the name of my blog, lol! We have three HUGE bunnies. Max, Ruby and Cupcake. They are so precuous. I love them! For me, bunnies are a simble of happiness. And new beginnings. They just make me feel good!

    I loved reading this story and look so forward to hearing the rest!

  2. Our neighbor across the street lets her rabbit run around outside with the dogs. We live in a ruralish area but Buns never runs away

  3. Oh yeah, my gosh woman you are a crafting maniac, so many new things

  4. Well I went back to my "real" job today so I will not be a crafting maniac anymore :(
    I am trying to get a bit done everynight so I can list new items on Friday and Saturday's.
    I love creating!
    Have so many idea's right now and so little time........
    Hugs to you Jean,

  5. that bunny basket is way too cute

  6. Thanks Chelsea!
    I LOVE your stuff!
    Actually I am off to purchase afew gems from you!

  7. Hi neighbor! I understand about wanting to stay home, just make a good plan and pray about it. I hope you get to stay at home and work soon. Enjoy your day! Cathy