Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to my REAL JOB

Oh man, today I had to go back to my "real job" don't get me wrong I love my "real job", but I would MUCH rather stay home and craft, and shop, and go to auctions, and estate sales, and second had stores you get the idea.

My goal (not New Year's Resolution-those I never keep) for this year is to get a following of "peeps" on my blog and on Etsy and Lollishops so that maybe I CAN stay home all the time and do the things I love. I really don't just want customers I want friends! You know one can never have to many friends, sort of like Pooh Bear and "one can never have to many pots of honey." I get the summers off, so that is nice, I love being able to stay home with my kiddo's! So I count down the days till I can have my next few days off. When I am at work I give the kids all I have, it is my job. The picture I posted tonight is that from one of my paper doll books, I just love this pic. It reminds me that ALL children are precious gifts from God, and that we are to love them, care for them, teach them, and support and guide them to the best of our abilities.

Yeah, I know this blog is all over for topics tonight, but I just needed to sit down at the computer and ever just feel that way? For me to type (even when I spell words wrong) is very theraputic for me.

Thanks for reading and listening tonight,


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