Sunday, September 6, 2009


Thank-you all whom are praying for my brother and our family. I feel like I am on a roller coaster and I keep yelling stop, but no one will let me off! Some days I am way up, and other days way down. Yesterday was a fantastic day, I was able to talk to my brother on the phone, he could speak over his trach tube and he understood what I was saying, and when he spoke back to me it was clear and corheirent. Now I am riding down the hill, to fast and I want off. Mike spiked a fever last night, and today does not know his wife, my parents, and his nurse is me, he keeps calling her "Chris" (which is what he calls me-the only person who calls me Chris). He says he is in Mexico, when asked what city in Mexico we get "south Colorado". So needless to say he is not making any sense at all. He does not want to watch TV, he just stares at the ceiling. I knew this road our family is on would be long and hard, but it breaks my heart to see him doing so well one day and the next doing so poorly. He has a fever to and the doctors and nurses (on his new floor) do not seem concerned. We realize it is the holiday weekend, but a hospital is susposed to be open 24/7. My mom is a nurse, and she suspects a UTI, so test his urine for peets sake. If it comes back negitive then you have eliminated a cause to his "madness". If it positive then you can treat it and start getting him well again. It is so frustrating.
I will try to post again soon. Thank-you for the prayers and kind thoughts, they do mean so much to me and touch my heart, many times when I am down they bring me back up again.
Your in Friendship,


  1. Christy, I just read your note in your etsy shop. I am so sorry this has happened. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. Christy, I found your blog awhile back and heard about Mike. Since then, I've been a prayer warrior for him. I have been checking your blog periodically for updates. This latest setback is likely temporary. I know God has Mike in His loving hands. I will continue to pray for him, you and the rest of the family, for strength and peace.


  3. Christy, I am so sorry. It makes me so mad the hospital isnt testing for anything!! You are all in my prayers.