Monday, February 2, 2009

Is it just me or is Winter hanging on forever??

This is going to be one of those random post, the ones where I really just need to "get it off my chest!"

I am offically done with Winter. Mother nature did you hear me? I am finished! I have had my fill and now I am ready to move on to Spring. I heard the birdies cheerping today for the first time, that is a good sign. Maybe they were just happy to see Mr. Sunshine as he had not made and appearence in how many days????? I do not know I lost track! The cold is now mundane, the snow is well useless, and I am ready for warmer weather. Yeah, I know I hear some of you saying well take a vacation, or it's not cold here where I live. If you have ever suffered through a Winter in Michigan than you know what I am talking about.

I need warm (not hot) just warm like 65 degrees, the sun shinning, the birds singing, the grass green, the daffidols up, the garage sales starting, get the idea?

Hopefully all of my wishes and drerams will come true. I have re-read this and I must say it sounds like it is all about me and well I admit it does, but somedays it needs to be.

As a whole though this is not the kind of person I am, but today it is.
The next post will be diffrent, I promise!
Till next time,


  1. I hear ya Christy!! Believe me, I feel the very same way! This winter has been so terrible! I cant wait for birds and frolicking bunnies. Even bugs lol!!