Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Continued Prayer

To all of you whom have been praying for my brother I cannot thank-you enough. It means so much to our family that complete strangers would take time to pray for someone they do not know personally. I have been printing out your post and giving them to Mike's wife and my parents to read.

The prayers are working! The doctors are calling Mike the miracle man. He is opening his eyes for brief periods of time and he can do commands like squeeze your wife hand. He has movement in three of his extremities, but his left arm does not move at all. He gives the thumbs up he can feel it, but still no movement. He had a halo put on today to secure his two broken vertibra in his neck. Now we call him our "angel". He will have to wear that for 90 days. He is still on a vent that breathes for him. Tomarrow they are taking him off of all of the sedititves to see what happens. Please pray he tolerates it. I guess from what we hear when you get woke up and you are on a vent it feels like you are breathing through a straw and you get the sensation you are sufficating, when you really are getting enough oyxgen.

God has been so good to our family these last few days and we owe Him all of the Glory!

Thank-you again from the bottom of my heart. <3

If you would like to read daily updates on Mike you can go to:www.carepages.com enter (uppercase) MIKETISDALE (no spaces) in the box.



  1. I lifted prayers for Mike & put a prayer request blog post yesterday for Mike & you all. Did you get to pop over & visit?

    This is wonderful news. May Mike continue this miraculous recovery.

    Blessings for your entire family.
    Hugs, TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Prayers continue for Mike and his family. You have been heavily on my mind and I am glad to read of the progress so far. I pray this continues and that recovery will be shorter than anyone expects.

  3. Prayers are coming your brothers way! Great to here is progress is good.
    Hugs, Diane

  4. my continued prayers..and thanks for the good news you have shared...I pray for continued progress with your brother...hugs for you too.

  5. Thank-you all so much!
    I have been to visit him every other day. I am going again toamrrow. My hope is I can talk with him and he can respond to my answers with thumbs up or down. He has yet to do that for me. He has for his wife, my dad, and his best friend. I guess mom and I do not rate. (JK)
    Will post another update on Friday.

  6. I am so happy to hear of improvements. He will remain in my prayers. Yes it does feel like you are suffocating.

  7. oh Christy, I am so happy to hear that Mike is doing better! I have been thinking a lot about your family. I feel so bad, You are all in my prayers sweetie and they will continue.
    Love and hugs,

  8. I'm just so happy to hear that Mike is doing better! I'm sitting here at my computer blubbering and praising God! I know we don't know each other, but we have heavenly ties. I will continue to keep Mike and your family in prayer.