Monday, March 2, 2009

And the Winner is......................................

Hello All!

I am assuming most of you thought I fell off the Earth as I have not posted in a very long time. I am still here and busy as ever, hense the reason why I have not posted. The kids are busy with mid-winter activities, I have a Senior who is running for Fair Queen, trying to get into colleges and applying for scholarships. Trying to create for Etsy and being a teacher with conferences this last week, so life has been crazy!

I wanted to thank-you ALL for posting comments here on my blog about my Etsy store and what you all are really liking and not liking. It helped me out so much! I hope to keep creating unique and lovely items that you all like. I also hope to keep offering vintage and new supplies as those too are a big hit.

I have some bad news. I was hoping to open my very own website in March, and I am sad to say it has been postponed to June. I am still working on finding the perfect graphic designer for the site and the perfect web host. I will keep you updated at to when this dream will come to fruition.

The winner for the blog Give-a-way is Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage! Little Miss Abbie (one of my daughters) picked her name from all of those who posted. Amy be patient with me as your items will be going out this next weekend.

I hope this post finds all of you doing well, and I look forward to blogging again with you real soon!




  1. Oh my gosh Christy!!!! I am so excited, thank you so much! And i havent even made it in yet to get some things, I feel so bad! I still have my list and I am still coming in, I promise!! Miss Abbie, thank you so much sweetie for drawing my name!! I am so excited!!!! I just love bunnies and faux goodies and everything in your mommies beautiful shope! Christy, you are so sweet to do this and I thank you so much!!!!!!!!
    Sending lots of bunny hugs and spring wishes,

  2. Amy,
    Can you email me privately so I can get your address again please. Want to send everything off on Monday!
    You can email me at


  3. Hi,
    I am so happy that Amy won, she is a sweetheart!!! And she loved the little sachets that you made. I knew they would be perfect for her. I hope you are having a great weekend!